How To Start A Child Support Payment Recovery Business

Attention: Unemployed workers, single moms, stay-at-home parents, seniors, new grads, everyone needing money!

Learn The Secrets of starting a Child Support Payments Judgment Recovery Business ...

And take a bad situation and turn it into a lucrative home based business.

Best part: You can do it without any specials skills, equipment or investment! It's one of the fastest growing money makers in the home-based industry.

Exactly what is Child Support Payment Recovery?

Approximately 30 million children in the U.S. are owed more than $41 billion, (that's billion with a "B") in unpaid child support. Some, (a small percentage), are "fortunate" in that they receive a small portion of their court ordered payments.

Truth be told, only a small percentage of these children actually receive any money. While others, a very large percentage, never receive anything at all.

The problem continues to grow because these custodial parents do not know how to go about collecting their children's support payments. And why don't they know this? Let's face it, they just don't teach this stuff in school.

Fortunately, (for you), the situation described above has created a booming home based business opportunity.

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Melendez Publishing International has been publishing small business and home based business "How To" manuals since 1987. Our manuals are geared towards the "beginner" home based entrepreneurs. Meaning that they are "short, written in plain English and inexpensive". With over 25 years in helping individuals successfully get their small business up and running, we believe that we have turned it into an art form.

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This is where you can profit.

With today's horrific economy, it is the perfect time to start your own Child Support Payment Recovery Business.

With this manual you can learn how to recover these delinquent child support payments and, (are you ready for this?), you get to keep a percentage of whatever you recover.

Think about it. You will be helping many children finally get their money, while earning a nice income in the process. Everybody wins!

With approximately 30 million children in the U.S. being owed over $41 billion, you will never run out of clients. And the number is growing by the thousands every day. You just have to learn how to get started. And this manual can show you how.

A Testimonial From a Very Satisfied Customer

"OMG! I only got this handbook to learn what I could to collect my own child support payments. Well, let me tell you. I did such a good job of getting my money that the word has gotten out. Now I am the person they call whenever someone wants help with their child support payments. Thank you for my nice little business. Gabriel "Gabby" A. - Macon, GA

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